Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So last night I killed a man in my dreams. Something bubbling nicely to the surface.


I see the other standing there. White shirt. Sword in hand. Our seconds are somewhere. We approach each other. Watching each other. Looking for the tell tale sign of attack.

He moves quickly at me and tries to cut the left side of my neck I parry and push my point past his head and draw it back sharply cutting his cheek to the bone. I think to myself. Now how will the ladies like you?

He steps back as my blade fillets his face and then I methodically start my advance. I strike left and right. Blade wheeling and cascading towards him. He just barely defends each stroke. On one cut to his left cheek I slide my blade off his and then thrust to his right eyes. He raises his hand too far as I knew he would and I step quickly to the right and turning my hand I avoid his defense and cut deeply into his right thigh.

He turns as best as he can and throws a blow to my left neck again. I cut into his attack driving his sword down and away from me. I stand there. Looking at him. Grinning. He swings his sword in a wild arc desperately trying to kill me or at least drive me off for a moment. I raise my sword and catch his blade near my guard and I drive the point forward over his arm to his chest. I can feel the steel start to sink in and his eyes go wide. I press further and he tries to back up as he staggers. I step forward and grasp his should and give one last push. I can see his eyes. He looks at me almost as if he would say something and then the light goes out in his eyes. He is gone. Finally gone.