Monday, April 29, 2013


One of the reasons I am leaving the WMA Community is the general lack of following the teachings of the masters. It really isn't that hard these days to find translations and reasonable information. And there are a few good teachers out there. But there are a lot of bad ones as well. What I see year after year is poke and pray and thuggish behaviour. It's a shame.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Yep, end of an era

Tonight was my last night taking part in WMA as a participant or a teacher. After a meltdown teying to work past angina and continue on, I just can't do it anymore.


I saw a number of docs. My bone doc put me on allipurinol to help with the gout. Then saw my lipidologist who took me off niacin till the gout clears up and then I go back on slowly but only up to half what I used to take. And my interventional cardiologist wants me in for a stress test in May. oh what fun.

So I saw a post the other day that was given by John Dehlin, a Mormon supporter who has basically screwed a bunch of the ex-mormon community.

John Dehlin has posted the following: 

"To those who want to tear down religion....I say this.

My sense is that most humans want/need: 1) deep/rich social interaction and community, 2) a compelling sense of meaning/purpose, including a way to deal/cope with existential concerns and death, 3) some sort of moral "code" to live by, 4) some sort of spiritual nourishment, and 5) something (or someone) to inspire/uplift them, etc.

Consequently, I believe that the most ethical and productive efforts that we will see in the coming years will not come from those that seek to criticize, mock, or tear down religions, but instead will come from those that seek to build up (create) something that is inherently more valuable/compelling.

In short, you must strive to create/build/maintain something superior. Plain and simple.

If you can pull it off, God bless you. I (and likely God) will be your biggest fan(s). Until then, I feel like you are simply dogs barking at trains."

So here is my response:

I found JD disingenuous. 1) Deep and rich social action need not come through a church. I have done the same with social groups such as Scottish Societies or with my fencing students. One just need look. 2) My atheist friends cope just fine with death without the need for existential baggage. I am an agnostic. I believe when you die the light goes out and that is it. It makes me savour life the more. 3) Moral code does not just come from religion it comes from human nature. I prefer being ethical over moral. Religious morality allows for genocide, slavery, ill treatment of women, etc. 4) There are lots of forms of spiritual nourishment. How about reading good books? Or perhaps communing with nature. Religion does not have the monopoly on touching the "soul" of man. 5) You know what uplifts me? People like those that ran into the face of danger in Boston to help others. The man in the cowboy hat who had lost so much being there and helping the ones who were so devastatingly injured. People who go into communities and help to build up and fix up those communities. A single parent who raises a good child. A man who despite dying from cancer fights on for his family (personal experience with a friend who just died). That is what inspires me. Not a multi-million or billion dollar organization who's mission is simply to make money and not turn it over to the poor. 

Now if I call out that or those organizations, and point out how they are not living up to the simplest commandment of their saviour, that is, to sell all and give it to the poor and follow him while loving neighbour as self, then so be it, I am a dog barking at a train. a train that is leading their passengers away from their saviour's mission. Read the New Testament in Greek. It is very very clear. In my estimation, pointing out difficiencies and issues is not a dog barking. It is necessary to effect change.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Things are getting worse. Walking with a cane now since I am having issues walking. Joint pain is increasing. Luckily I see the doc on Friday. Hopefully we can work out some sort of mix that will help my uric acid overproduction. Unfortunately one of the drugs I take to help with arteriosclerosis causes elevated uric acid levels. I'll be seeing the doc for that later in the month.

The NAU fencing club (I'm the coach) has lost a practice location and so we're shut down at least for the semester. I'm getting to the point that I don't care. I've been the coach since the mid 1980's and have had space issues the whole time. As I am giving up WMA in general due to health and other issues, not having the fencing club doesn't bother me too much. Like seeing an old friend die.

On the writing front, I have ideas for the sequel to After the Collapse and even have one scene written. I'm in the process of writing a steampunk novel based off my short story Storm Over Nepal. That got good reviews from people I shared it with so a novel is now in the works.

Art of Defense is in final edit. Once done in about a week then it is final setup for print.