Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So here I am... Thinking about apologists

I ran across an interesting way of describing the difference between apologists and critics. I'm rephrasing it (i.e. eating the book and making it my own...) to bring out my take on it.

A Mormon apologist wrote an article entitled 'What critics don't understand' ... The article implies that critics cannot understand the position of believers. That the "spirit" is the true test of knowledge. But is this a valid epistemological undertaking or belief?

The apologist or believer relies upon their testimony for "truth." Despite what the facts may say to the contrary.

And so the critics do understand this. And many critics were once in the same position, but let reason trump testimony. Critics understand that testimony is subjective, emotional, and lacking in reason. What the apologists and believers do not understand is that they are lacking reason, understanding and objectivity.

Monday, March 21, 2011

More disappointment

Well last week my heart procedure failed. They could not remove the blockage from my RCA. And then in recovery my left femoral blew. They had to quickly put this painful device on me to keep me from bleeding out. I ended up laying flat for close to 10 hours. My back hurt so bad I wanted to cry. And now I am walking funny and am bruised from my navel to my knee on my left side. And it hurts.

The doc wants to try again but I don't know if I want to. Sometimes I'd like to just lay down and not wake up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


How do we deal with disappointment?

I have always used food in the past to deal with stress and disappointment. This time around I'm not going to. But what to fill the void not eating? This is always the hard part. So, will try to use exercise to do that as I am desparately trying to lose weight.

I have read quite a bit about low carb diets. I started one about a month agoand then got sick. Before getting sick I had actually started to lose weight. My friend Sandi told me about a program begun by a group of trainers who appear to have done their homework. They have a book and consulting and i will give their system a try. A consulting cardiologist that I have seen advised me to use a low carb diet. Apparently diets rich in carbs, which is what I was on, leads to diabetes and all sorts of problems. Especially with a lot of sugars. So am giving the low carb a try.

And keeping a positive outlook.