Thursday, March 17, 2011


How do we deal with disappointment?

I have always used food in the past to deal with stress and disappointment. This time around I'm not going to. But what to fill the void not eating? This is always the hard part. So, will try to use exercise to do that as I am desparately trying to lose weight.

I have read quite a bit about low carb diets. I started one about a month agoand then got sick. Before getting sick I had actually started to lose weight. My friend Sandi told me about a program begun by a group of trainers who appear to have done their homework. They have a book and consulting and i will give their system a try. A consulting cardiologist that I have seen advised me to use a low carb diet. Apparently diets rich in carbs, which is what I was on, leads to diabetes and all sorts of problems. Especially with a lot of sugars. So am giving the low carb a try.

And keeping a positive outlook.


  1. I used to deal with disappointment by hurting myself. (I know. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but that is how I dealt.)

    Take care of YOU. I don't like "diets" because I've seen them cause people a lot of harm, but I do agree that finding what your body needs is very important. I've found MY body needs lower carbs, higher protein...

    Good luck! (and its okay to feel disappointed. I would be very disappointed if I were in your shoes.)

  2. I think "diet" in this sense means more of a way of eating rather a temporary weight-loss method. I don't like "diets" in that sense, either. I'm all about healthy eating habits as a lifelong practice.

    I have struggled a lot with comfort eating, too. Chocolate was always my salvation. And i do still enjoy it...just the low-carb, sugar-free version (although i try not to overdo it on the artificial sweeteners...there's never an easy fix, huh? Pttth.)

    Anyway...kudos to you for looking after yourself! I'm here always if you need low-carb support or a cheerleader (just don't ask me to wear the little skirt, haha). your blog protected by some invisible force-field? Blogger won't let me add it to my list of friends (on crapstain, my main blog). Shields up?!