Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Plans for the next year

I have plans for a number of books this coming year. First is completing Storm Over Nepal; a book about an airship captain taking on a risky job.

Then the following

  • Power on the Rez - a sequel to After the Collapse set on the Navajo Reservation.
  • A book set in the countryside of southern England where a military Major must stop an incursion of goblins into the real world with the help of local brownies and faieries.
  • Mask of Vapours - an erotic thriller set in the Victorian era.

Am also hoping to get the pictures finished for my primer on the use of the sidesword.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's been two weeks since I came back from Europe. May I go back please. The trip was so relaxing. My gout went away muscle and nerve issues started to subside. 

Italy was nice. We visited Rome. Stayed in the Hotel Panama in the suburbs. Beautiful old school hotel. The staff was wonderful. Although hot and humid we enjoyed  the downtown area. Saw Vatican City, the coliseum, the Roman forum and other sites. 

The highlight of the trip for me was Spain. Old Madrid and especially Sevilla impressed me. I've fallen in love with Sevilla and may use it and Càdiz in a book. The central city of Sevilla is to die for. Narrow streets amongst tall buildings make for a cool environment. The Moors really knew how to build cities in hot climates. My favourite bar was the Bar Campanaria. Excellent drinks and very tasty food. I highly recommend this bar on the Calle Mateos Gago near the cathedral. We stayed across the street at a hostel run by nuns. Beautiful place and the sisters were accommodating of Americans who spoke only a little Spanish. 

The beach at Càdiz, all white sand, was expansive. Topless beach. Many Americans would have been aghast. It was refreshing to see how easy going everyone was. The Atlantic there is very cold. Had lunch at a Cervesaria on the beach and dinner in the old city. 

The trains and metro in Spain are easy to navigate. The ride by train from Sevilla to Càdiz and back was relaxing. 

Progress on Storm Over Nepal.

The first draft of the book is off to test readers and to the editor. I'm hoping to fast track the book so it can come out in September. Then it's "get to work" on the sequel to After the Collapse.

Arte of Defence is now being carried by Amazon and other booksellers.