Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Things are getting worse. Walking with a cane now since I am having issues walking. Joint pain is increasing. Luckily I see the doc on Friday. Hopefully we can work out some sort of mix that will help my uric acid overproduction. Unfortunately one of the drugs I take to help with arteriosclerosis causes elevated uric acid levels. I'll be seeing the doc for that later in the month.

The NAU fencing club (I'm the coach) has lost a practice location and so we're shut down at least for the semester. I'm getting to the point that I don't care. I've been the coach since the mid 1980's and have had space issues the whole time. As I am giving up WMA in general due to health and other issues, not having the fencing club doesn't bother me too much. Like seeing an old friend die.

On the writing front, I have ideas for the sequel to After the Collapse and even have one scene written. I'm in the process of writing a steampunk novel based off my short story Storm Over Nepal. That got good reviews from people I shared it with so a novel is now in the works.

Art of Defense is in final edit. Once done in about a week then it is final setup for print.

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