Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost losing children

My eldest son got himself in a boat load of trouble in the spring. A felony drug arrest. He was holding a pipe with pot in it. And then he failed most of his classes for the spring because of the stress of not knowing what was going to happen.

Unfortunately he believed his mother who had said a number of times that if he got himself in trouble she would leave him in jail. He thought that if he told us that we would disown him. I could never disown him. He was afraid and thought he would be completely on his own and we did not know until the summons came in May. He had better than two months of not knowing what would happen. If I had known I would have hired a lawyer right off the bat. Just to get him the help he needed early on. But no.

Our kids always need our help. I know that even as an adult with my own children that I asked my Dad for advice and help at times. That is what family is for.

I just hope to be around for a while longer. I had problems on my trip to Denver. Lots of shortness of breath. I am going to ask my cardiologist for surgical intervention. I'm ready. I can't live in the state I am in.

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