Sunday, August 22, 2010


Religious apologists are some very interesting people. It is amazing to me what hoops they jump through and how they convolute things to help "prove" their beliefs.

Here is one of their techniques...

Proof by verbosity - a rhetorical technique that tries to persuade by overwhelming those considering an argument with such a volume of material that the argument sounds plausible, superficially appears to be well-researched, and it is so laborious to untangle and check supporting facts that the argument might be allowed to slide by unchallenged.

They also like to use the proof by resorting to smarter people...

"I am smarter and far more well-read than you are. Leave these troublesome matters to your spiritual and intellectual superiors. Go back to reading your faith promoting material and 'strengthening your testimony'- there is nothing to see here."

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