Monday, November 7, 2011

First realwinter snows

The past few days we've been getting our first real winter snows. Not sure I am ready yet. Sigh. LOL

Except for the cold I do like snow. It is so clean and fresh after the ground is covered with the white.

I am continuing along with the Paleo Diet. I fall off the wagon every now and then but trying to get down below 200 lbs. I'm at 214 and want to lose another 4 lbs before I go in for a stress test in a couple of weeks. My son T is impressed with some of the info we have from the book the Paleo Diet for Athletes. I think I may be able to get him to eat a little better. If we do it together it will be easier. Athletes can augment their diet with carbs because of their high energy expenditure.

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