Sunday, December 18, 2011


Did not post this back when it happened. So posting now.

February 28th 2009 I attended a spirituality retreat out side of Las Vegas at the Methodist Potosi Pines camp.  First thing in the morning I got up and took a short walk and did a little meditation. Breakfast was at 8:30 and I met the others in the main building and had a nice relaxing breakfast.

At 9am the program started. Soft guitar music and a slide show presentation where given to help set everyone in a restful mood. The slides were of flowers and really did help. After a bit I closed my eyes to sit and listen to the music. Some people sang and others sat quiet. 

While sitting there and moving into a meditative state I began to think about G_d and how I had problems with him. For quite a while now I have been angry with G_d and his absent father motif. As I sat I had an ecstatic experience. I saw a woman approach and knew immediately it was the Shekinah. I could see myself below and she was in the air above me as I looked on from the side. She did not speak a word but held out her hand to me. She was wearing a white or off-white flowing gown that looked almost like a medieval cotehardie. She looked like a northern European and I noticed she had medium blue eyes and a slender face with a small nose. As far as I could tell she also had blonde hair. I wondered at the time why she would not have looked like she came from the Middle East.

She wanted me to go with Her. To take Her hand. I wasn't ready at that point. But I had the distinct impression that Her hand was there for me to take when I was ready. 

As I looked at her while she held out her hand I could see her face clearly and wished I was a good enough artist to draw it. The whole scene was very peaceful. I know in real time it took very little time at all but while in the state it seemed to go on for quite a while until the vision faded.

What it all meant I'm not sure but will be meditating on this experience to find what meaning it has to offer.

At times now I wonder if when I take Her hand if I will pass to the next existence. I get this impression at times. But I know that I am totally accepted by Her. Unconditionally.

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