Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saw this post today on a discussion board

It was in relation to a Muslim center being built near ground zero in NYC.

"I, like many others, are repulsed by the mindless tea party crowd! As we've witnessed so many times in the past/present, politics/religion are an unhealthy alliance that breeds extremists who are volatile, dangerous people! Reason is thrown to the wind, rights are selectively marginalized, freedoms are denied/ Government is villainized! In our world, conservative republican, right-wing fringe paranoia is reinforced by mindless, vindictive, hateful rhetoric/bigotry! Their message is loud/clear! These divisive purveyors of hate care about themselves/ their agenda exclusively... the rest be damned! Rebuttal to this disgusting mindset is required, must be convincing, to the point/capable of clearly exposing a low-life agenda so all can plainly see who they are/what they are about! These fanatics cannot be allowed to spew hate without consequence! Rational people, muslim community, State/Local Governments are trying to undo the damage that has been done! We'll have to see how it all works out! "

One video I saw was a person I know talking to Fundie Christians at the site. They wanted to have mosques banned all over the US. What about our rights and freedoms in America? That goes against the constitution and bill of rights. The fundies are their own flavor of the Taliban. Just a Christian one.

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