Saturday, November 4, 2017

Craft Bazaars

I’m sitting at a craft bazaar talking to people about my books, selling a few, and showing off some leatherwork. It’s a lot of fun getting out.

I worked on my Victorian fantasy a bit today too. The faeries showed up again. Just a quick interaction and off they flew. I’ve been reading an old book on Welsh Faeries and boy were they prolific. :-)

My health hasn’t been too bad. Have been in PT with a good therapist for my knee. I can now walk without a limp. Yay! That is helpingmy hip too. Now if I can just get my endurance up.

As to fencing, I am able to fence with my students. All classical. Yeah, no more historical if I have any choice in the matter. My class at the university is great. A wonderful stress reliever. And now that I can fence a little, is good exercise too.

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