Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Another year is past and gone

Where does the time go?

Last year was rough. This year has started out that way too. I do have one goal. Finish two books which I have been writing for a while. One is on 16th century dagger combat ala Achille Marozzo, and the other is a Victorian Fantasy that includes fairies and goblins.

My body keeps falling apart. I'll need to see the bone doc again soon to talk about my hip. Contant pain. One good thing, the surgery for my left knee last year has been a plus. I can walk up and down hills now and it doesn't hurt like it used to. A few pains now and then but no where as bad.

Tomorrow is my first teaching day for the semester. I have 40 classical foil fencing students. A number of them are repeating the class which gives me some intermediate students to use as helpers. Depending on how things go starting in the fall with a move to a new facility, I will have to see if I can keep the cap at 40 students. We'll have to see.

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